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Mar 4, 2011 7:30pm PST
there. it is a question of whether or not the commissioners and the staff decide to use them and the commissioners are appointees and because they are appointees of the governor they have various things. for example, the current president is the former chief executive officer of southern california edison. so you could say he has a bit of a bias toward the utilities. it doesn't mean it is always shown that way but it certainly raises that issue. mr. brown, the new governor, jerry brown, has decided he will replace most of these people and he has already done two and if he replaces one more he has the majority and given the fact they are replacing have solid record of being pro-consumer you can bet they won't have as easy as a time as under the arnold schwarzenegger administration. >> i want to go to the status of the pipes we are all standing on. they say it was an anomaly and the reality is there haven't been a lot of explosions, there are leex before the explosions and they fix it and everything is fine. but given the pipes were put in the ground so long ago, was in the canary in t
Mar 18, 2011 7:30pm PDT
us find cob fusing. it is called rank choice voting, is that the right title? >> sometimes called instant runoff voting. >> the convention is that there are many people, the polls have shown, that do not understand the system. >> well, you can interpret polls any number of ways. i live in oakland. we elected a mayor through rank choice voting. it seems that may or may not offense if it were suggested that people elected her by accident or because they didn't understand. she was elected mayor despite finishing second in the first round, nine ten points behind don parada. but when the votes were added up she won. i don't want to go back in to that too much. the story is well known and i want to talk about the court case. but it is a new system. people are voting in a new way. there's always break in problems with new systems and a certain level of confusion. high turnout in the city of oakland. and i would suggest that people who voted in that election probably knew pretty much. >> belva: let's go to why the courts are involved. >> there's a lawsuit, a federal court lawsuit by a def
Mar 11, 2011 7:30pm PST
? >> probably the most astonishing idea is many of us raeb the low ma quake. this was 1,000 times stronger in japan. really a biblical proportion. you have to go back 1,000 years in the geologic record to see the tsunami situation they had. having said all of that, not too many hours later, that tsunami spread across the pacific, rammed in the to hawaii and came to the west coast and did some significant damage if cress stent city, ft. bragg and we will be talking about santa cruz. one person in crescent city who thought he would be brave and go out and take pictures in the river ended up being lost and probably dead. many coastal roads were closed. beaches were closed, including right here in san francisco. b.a.r.t. was not closed but the ferry stopped three runs out of concern for possible problems in the bay. and many flights to japan were out and out cancelled. and those that were in the air already were diverted to other places like osaka and even one went in to an air force base. so it is, all in all, an amazing thing. but the damage to california is significant. so much so that the
Mar 26, 2011 1:30am PDT
that jerry brown has been a governor that has been savvy in the use of social media. he has had 40,000 hits by this time, but the fact is it is probably 40,000 hits of republicans looking and seeing what is he planning next. >> does he tweet? >> he does tweet. he tweets, his dog tweets, his wife tweets. they are all over social immediate yachlt they have used it effectively but wow, even in this case, when you talk about the california budget, the fact that all of this effort by brown has not been able to move the republicans off of this no-tax theme. when we talk about them answering to one guy in washington, that would be drove nordquist mo who head the tax reform, most have signed a no tax pledge. so they are saying even putting this on the ballot violates that. and many of the republicans i talked to, former senator jim brulty who was a leader up there said look, i think governor brown has done everything right in terms of trying to move people on the this, at least get it in front of the voters, but the legislature is looking at the next election really. that's what is going on. >
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8 (some duplicates have been removed)